Improve team collaboration and execution.

There are only so many hours in the day to code, so why waste time with manual tasks extra meetings and switching between endless tools to get work done?

Pinpoint improves team collaboration and execution by streamlining the engineering workflow into a single, shared workspace with actionable recommendations.


Less tabs, more context.

Pinpoint aggregates data from all your delivery tools such as Jira and GitHub in one place to see work move through your process, better insight into the status, and gives teams actionable context to their work.


Do better work, faster.

Pinpoint highlights issues in real-time that need your attention, allowing you to quickly focus on at-risk tasks rather than cycling through tools to find the problem.


Eliminate “gut feel”.

With machine learning and automation, Pinpoint can more accurately predict how long issues will take and optimizes sprint planning and work assignments.

How it works

Watch the videos below for a deeper look into the features designed to streamline your team’s workflow.

Sprint Planning

Simplify the planning process with auto-packed sprints aligned with product priorities and auto-assign issues to the people best suited to handle those tickets.

Daily Stand-ups

Run stand-ups with all the PR and issue data together in one place along with notifications of capacity issues, blockers and dependencies that typically go unnoticed.


Collaborate in real-time on how a sprint went. Pinpoint baselines how well the team runs sprints and compare against your average so they can see how they improve over time.