Issues, PRs, and meetings, oh my!

Engineering is a collaborative team process, but we can often get overwhelmed with all the communication methods—meetings, Slack, Jira, etc.—that distract us from actually coding. With Pinpoint’s Developer workspace you can:


Focus on the right work.

Better context and visibility into issues & pull requests on your very own dashboard, including flagging items that need your attention.


Collaborate more efficiently.

Get real-time updates with a personalized activity feed and save time with smart, online, agile ceremonies such as stand-ups and retrospectives.


Showcase your expertise.

Share what projects you’ve worked on, languages you code in, and achievements with this live developer profile that can be embedded anywhere.


Build new skills.

Connect with the dev community and build new skills with AI-curated content feed based on what you are working on.

How it works

Watch the videos below for a more in-depth look into the features built for you and how you work.

User Dashboard

Your User Dashboard is your home base to stay focused and productive throughout the day.


Participate in daily stand-ups with all your issues and PRs at your fingertips.

Pinpoint Profile

The Pinpoint Profile is a live and embeddable profile to showcase your work as a developer.