Super Powers for your Product Team

See how Pinpoint can give your product team super powers to enable consistent, reliable and engaging product release communication for your end users.

Powerful Editing Features

Pinpoint features a powerful, real-time collaborative WYSIWYG editor which makes authoring product changelogs effortless, yet beautiful. You can add diffent types of rich media including video, audio and attachments to your post and we'll host them on a powerful, globally distributed content delivery network (CDN).

Team Collaboration

Your product, engineering, marketing and other teams can all collaborate in real-time during the changelog authoring process. All changes are visible in real-time as you make them and you get a complete history of each change and can track changes visually.

Approval & Review Workflow

Often you need different team members to help you review your product change details for accuracy, completeness and wording. Pinpoint makes it easy to assign reviewers which can review, make changes and approve or request changes during the editing process.

Customize for your Brand

It's important to have a beautiful changelog that matches your brand identity. We make it easy to customize the look-and-feel of your published changelogs and the subscription emails delivered to your users. You can also setup a custom URL to your own website instead of using the built-in vanity domain. Oursite builder is open sourceand provides you the ability to control everything.

Powerful Analytics

You've spent a lot of time building new features and making enhancements to your product and then communicating them to your users. But, do your users care? Which features are they most interested in? How can you ensure you keep them in the loop as they change? Pinpoint offers powerful analytics for your changelogs and email communications.

Integrated with your Tools

During the product development process you have information in important tools such as Jira and GitHub. Pinpoint integrates this information about your upcoming release directly into the product communication process. For example, once integrated, we'll automatically show you all the changes (either Pull Requests or Issues) which were completed since the last published changelog.

Built for fast moving product teams

Get started turning your amazing product innovations into beautiful product communications. We're revolutionizing the way product teams communicate with their end users. Here's just a few of the super powers you'll get:

Custom Domain

Use your own domain for your published content


Customize the look-and-feel of your content and emails


All content has great SEO out of the box


Your site automatically has a RSS feed


Each site comes with powerful analytics


Integrate with your development tools such as Jira and GitHub

Email Subscriptions

We'll automatically send email notifications to your users when you publish


Powerful, real-time collaborative editor for building your content

Multiple Admin Users

You can add multiple team members to help you author, review and approve your content


Team members can comment on the content which are only visible to you and your team

Reviews & Approvals

You can setup reviews and approvals during the publishing process

Support from the Best

Our team is here to support you and help you build the best product possible

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