Where developers go to build more and be more.

We’re building a product that uses AI to cut through the noise of today’s engineering workflow so developers can focus on the right work, iterate faster, and build better products.

Our Founder

Jeff Haynie

CEO & Co-founder

Our story.

Pinpoint was born out of Jeff’s experience — and often his frustrations as a longtime founder and developer. Engineering teams have all the tools required to build, deploy, and run great products, but in the current ecosystem, our work has become more complicated and cluttered, slowing us down.

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We 🧡 developers.

To make real change to how we build software, we need to start at the heart of the organization, helping the people who are actually building the products — developers.

We want to empower teams to build better software by offering clear visibility into what their teammates are working on, decluttering the dev tools they’re already using, and encouraging collaboration and empathy.

Radical transparency.

Transparency is fundamental to Pinpoint. This philosophy guides our product – teams work better together when they have visibility and open communication – and our business, both how we work internally and how we connect with our community of users and peers.

Backed by the best.

The makers of Pinpoint.

We are a team of developers, building a better way forward for not only our customers but for ourselves. If this thing doesn’t work for us, it won’t work for our customers. Learn more about the team members building Pinpoint and what they are working on.

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