Catch up on all the latest changes in the Pinpoint product.

GitHub Webhooks

We are building out our integration webhooks so that new and changed pull requests, issues, commits and other activities sync with Pinpoint instantly so you can be confident your Pinpoint data is always accurate and fresh. Our first webhooks offering is for GitHub integrations and we know you're going to love the difference!

Jira webhooks are coming soon!

Delete User

Keep your Pinpoint environment up to date by easily removing users who no longer require access. Deleted users can be re-added later if needed and will receive an email to welcome them back into the system.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Blocked and Unplanned Issues are now highlighted for easier identification at a glance
  • Drilling in to Epics and back to the Dashboard is now faster and more intuitive with the Epic details sliding in rather than navigating to a new page
  • Fixed an issue where the Activity Feed would appear during onboarding
  • We are making tweaks to our Issue Forecast model to improve accuracy
  • We noticed the meeting hours card had taken a vacation from the Team Dashboard so we pulled that back in
  • Fixed a duplicate key error that was causing a problem with Sprint Capacity
  • Resolved an issue where some smaller screens could not access parts of the navigation

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Microsoft O365 Calendar Integration

"Are we in too many (or not enough... 😬 ) meetings?"

Integrate your team members' calendars with Pinpoint to see exactly how many hours are spent in meetings! We have added total meeting count to the Team Dashboard day-to-day comparison so you can quickly analyze the impact your team's schedule can have on other important activities.

Google Calendar support is coming in hot so watch out for that! Calendar Integrations will also play a big part in our Agile Planning features that are coming soon - stay tuned.

GitLab Integrations

We want everybody to benefit from Pinpoint so adding to our supported integrations is an ongoing focus. Today we are delighted to welcome GitLab code and issue integrations to the Pinpoint roster! It's time for GitLab users to build software better.

What would you like to see us support next?

Improvements & Fixes

  • We greatly improved the look of our standup view by removing the old table and replacing it with rows per issue & pull request that are much easier read (and we think it looks way better!)
  • We had an issue pulling in data for a really big repo so made an update to support larger repos smoothly
  • Fixed a regression where HTML tags were appearing in some tooltips
  • Added support for multiple Jira instances on the same profile
  • Resolved a bug that prevented Epic Forecast showing if all issues were unassigned
  • Fixed a problem where some linked issue relationships were null

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Epic Forecasts

"When will this epic be done?" - one of life's great mysteries... Until now!

Building upon individual issue forecasts, our machine learning models can now predict with multiple confidence intervals the most likely date of completion for your Organization and Teams' epics. Whether you're looking to prune non-essential work to reduce delivery time for an MVP or figure out when you can get started on your next big delighter feature, Epic Forecasts provide you with the timelines that you need to make data-driven planning decisions. Keep an eye out for the Epic Timeline that's coming soon!

Draft Pull Requests

We added Draft Pull Request support to Pinpoint and will now surface a Draft indicator across the app for requests in draft status. Marking a pull request as draft highlights to other collaborators that code is a work-in-progress and requires discussion and feedback before being merged.

Better 404s

Previously, if you clicked a broken link or there was a navigation error we didn't handle it very well. We have tweaked our 404 page to make it more informative and direct you to the Pinpoint search that will get you where you need to go!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Made an update to more graciously handle displaying PRs for teams with no current members in Pinpoint
  • Fixed an issue with deleting users where you could get into a bad state by deleting all Organization owners
  • Resolved an issue where having multiple of the same integration type on a team would prevent some data from showing in that team's Stand Up
  • Made the Pinpoint logo clickable and will redirect you to your Org or Team dashboard depending on whether you're a Guest or a Team Member
  • We standardized our WebApp URLs after the nav restructure
  • We had an issue with On-Premise Integration URLs without a prepended https:// - that has been resolved

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Team Dashboard

Check out the first iteration of our brand new Team Dashboard! Review your team's rolled up activity, issue & code metrics, outstanding Pull Requests and in progress Epics in one convenient screen. Cycle times, traceability and workflow usage are no longer a mystery! Pull Requests that are begging to be reviewed are no longer buried! Important Epics and their progress are now clearly visible!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Adjusted Standup view Pull Request tab so that all Pull Requests created by team members during the Sprint period will show rather than only Pull Requests related to issues in the Sprint. This will help identify work happening outside of the Sprint
  • Resolved a bug where issues that rolled over from a previous Sprint would appear as Unplanned in their new Sprint
  • There was an issue where Snyk Bot Pull Requests were appearing as if raised by real users. This has been fixed
  • Removed a gremlin from Pinpoint search that sometimes prevented results appearing as expected
  • Fixed a CSS issue where Settings weren't accessible in Safari Browser

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Pinpoint Early Access Program

At Pinpoint, we're always working on innovative new features and we want to show you! To that end, we are excited to introduce the Pinpoint Early Access Program. Accessible in settings at the Organization or Individual User level, this flag will allow you to gain early access to new / in-progress features and improvements not yet publicly available.

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Note: Organization setting will override individual user settings e.g. if organization is enrolled in Early Access Program, all users in that organization will also be enrolled regardless of their individual setting.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Added a Keyboard Shortcut to expand/collapse the Activity feed (Left Keyboard Arrow will expand or collapse ; Right Keyboard Arrow collapses)
  • Activity Feed will now persist expanded state when navigating between pages
  • Made several login screen changes to simplify and streamline the experience
  • Fixed a problem where the Business Plan trial expiry banner wasn't rendering correctly for some users
  • Resolved an issue with Sprint Risk where the Sprint would be at risk but explainer said everything was fine
  • Adding some wrapping to Issue Details screen to stop descriptions getting too wide
  • Addressed a bug where forecast explainers were showing duplicates