Catch up on all the latest changes in the Pinpoint product.

Organization Team Metrics

We are excited to unveil our shiny new Organization view with uplifted Team Metrics cards. With these cards, there is less of a focus on your teams' current Sprint / Kanban board and more of a holistic look at team performance. Which teams have the fastest merge time? Are your teams' cycle times higher or lower than they were one month ago? Is our code traceability improving over time?

Improvements & Fixes

  • Voting in Retrospectives was a little fragile and our UI sometimes wouldn't render the votes correctly so we made that more robust. Huge thank you to Kris from IDIQ for bringing that to our attention.
  • Fixed a problem where occasionally the incorrect linked accounts would be displayed in the User list.

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User's Linked Accounts

No more mystery around Pinpoint User's linked accounts! We now show you linked accounts in the Settings > User List so you can immediately see which users are linked to their Code & Issue source systems and which are not.

Account linking is important so that code and issue activity can be accurately attributed and analyzed.

Early Access: Pulse Collaboration & Bookmarks

We're working hard on making Pinpoint Pulse more interactive and today we're launching some exciting Early Access updates with collaboration and bookmarking features! Enable early access in your Settings page today to check them out.


Pinpoint Pulse now provides the ability to interact with posts in your feed and even create your own posts. You can add comments, mention specific users and provide a reaction to posts in your feed to let your team know how you feel!



Click the bookmark icon on anything in your Pulse feed to add it to your bookmarks tab to come back to later. Need to reply to a comment but don't have time right now? Seen Pull Request activity on an important bug fix that you'd like to follow? Maybe somebody on your team did something awesome you want to thank them for later? Bookmark it!


There are a couple of known gremlins left that we are working on evicting ahead of a full launch in the coming week, stay tuned!

Improvements & Fixes

  • The subtasks tab was missing on Issue Detail screens so we fixed that and brought it back.
  • The Sign In and Create Account buttons were not working in Safari on our marketing site homepage. We've resolved that - big thank you to Floris from Briq Bookings for reporting the problem!
  • We resolved a 404 issue that would occur when trying to view the Team Dashboard for All Teams.
  • We are busy focusing on our Sprint Planning feature (Early Access) with significant improvements to the auto-packing and auto-assignment features!

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Product Spotlight - June 2020

The team at Pinpoint releases new features and enhancements almost every other day — and June was no exception. We released a set of new features that automate traditional agile ceremonies along with other user-requested enhancements.

To help you stay up to date, members from our team will be sharing a monthly spotlight that will walk you through everything we released and provide some details on the background.

Watch the video to hear from our product manager, Matthew Tibbit for all the details on what was released in June.


This brand new tab on the right sidebar of Pinpoint shows you issues and pull requests that require your attention along with their current status. This makes it easy to see what's been assigned to you and so you can take the appropriate action.


This shows all of the issues that have been assigned to you across all projects, and even different systems, that you may be working on. Clicking on an issue will take you to the issue detail screen where you can make appropriate updates and get the task off your plate!

Pull Requests

The pull request tab categorizes all the pull requests that have been assigned to you based on their status. This makes it easy to see what PRs are awaiting your approval vs what's created or needs to be merged.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Updated the workflow for creating a new team so you will land on the team member and team settings tabs straight from creation to help make that initial setup faster.
  • Resolved an issue with the Issue Workflow Sunburst where long status names would overrun the chart.
  • Only Owners will now see the "Owner" dropdown on the Users list in Settings. It was previously visible for non-owners but disabled.
  • During your session, the selected Team will now persist while navigating between Team pages instead of reverting back to your default team each time.

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Acknowledge / Dismiss Standup Flags

We love how our Standup Flags bring issues that require attention to the forefront of our teams' Standups but we needed a way to dismiss or acknowledge the flags when we were done with them. Sometimes we know about Unplanned work and can agree to adjust the sprint as a team - now we can dismiss that Unplanned flag in Standup so we're not alerted that something was added to the sprint every day. We can also acknowledge blocked/blocking flags to move those issues out of the Needs Attention list so you can concentrate more on the issues that really do need your focus.

Stay tuned for some really exciting updates we're currently planning for our Standup functionality to make this view more interactive and collaborative. Let us know what you'd like to see!

Improvements & Fixes


  • Retrospectives now show the presence of everybody who is in the Retro, not just your Pinpoint team members.
  • When a user leaves the retro, their presence (or lack of it) is now updated immediately.
  • The Host capability can now be assigned to anybody who is in the Retro. This will allow your Scrum Masters, Delivery Leads, Agile Coaches to facilitate Retros without needing to be a part of your team in Pinpoint.
  • Resolved an issue where sometimes Unplanned work that was added throughout the Sprint was not showing up in the Retro.
  • There is a bug where the Retro timer resets itself so we decided to hide it for now but an upgraded timer will make its way back into the application soon.


  • The Pull Requests on the Epic details screen will now show a roll-up of all PRs associated with issues in the epic. Previously it would only show code activity made directly against the epic which is fairly uncommon.
  • We have removed the "Teams" tab from Analyze. The tab was made redundant by the introduction of the team dashboards and we don't like duplication.
  • We added a confirmation to the Resend User Invitation Email button so that you know that it worked and only have to click it once.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes part of an Issue Detail was cut-off and the "Read More" option was not appearing.
  • We are working hard to build out our Sprint Planning functionality that is currently accessible via our Early Access option. Check it out and let us know what would help you with Sprint Planning.

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