Catch up on all the latest changes in the Pinpoint product.

Improvements & Fixes

This week we continued to focus on porting existing screens over to our new data-manager, improving stability and speed for Retro and Planning while ensuring customer issues are resolved as quickly as possible. We really appreciate you reporting issues to us, keep them coming!

  • There was an issue on the Team Dashboard that meant it was extremely slow to load in certain scenarios so we worked on optimizing that to speed it up.
  • The Epic Details screen was missing issue priority and type icons after the aforementioned data-manager port so we brought those back.
  • There was an issue where users would not have the option to integrate their profile with their calendar if the team was not already set up with calendar integration. We've updated this so individuals can now link their calendar regardless of the team setup.
  • Issue votes went AWOL from Retro reports so we've brought those back.
  • Updated Sprint Risk to ensure it includes assigned issues from users who are currently unmapped.
  • Resolved an issue where the Issue Workflow sunburst would skip around the page if the Pulse feed was expanded at the same time.
  • Fixed a story points oversampling error in data science forecasts.
  • There was a problem where Integrations could not be added or removed in certain cases that has been fixed.
  • Updated Retro wording to "What could be improved?" vs "What went poorly?" so there are fewer negative connotations.

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Product Spotlight - July 2020

The team at Pinpoint releases new features and enhancements almost every other day — and July was no exception. The focus has been on team execution and collaboration with enhancements to Pulse, Retrospectives, and Planning plus some new Team Metrics for good measure!

Watch the video to hear from our product manager, Matthew Tibbit for details on what was released in July. Check out the blog here!

Improvements & Fixes

This week we focused on some major behind-the-scenes work to help with stability and accuracy. Here are some of the other things we fixed or improved:

  • Resolved another issue with Retrospective voting where you could vote more than 5 times if clicking fast enough.
  • Blank cards are now automatically removed from Retrospectives when moving to the grouping stage to reduce clutter.
  • Resolved an issue where Retros would seem hostless and prevent people from joining.
  • Epics were not showing blocked issues so we fixed that.
  • Resolved a problem where some integration exports were being needlessly delayed.
  • Issue Detail screens temporarily went AWOL so added those back.

Keep an eye out for a new Product Spotlight post coming Monday that will cover the big changes we made in the month of July.

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New Features, Better Retros

Our Retrospective tool has been out in the wild for just over a month now and we've been listening to your feedback to help iterate and drive some awesome new features.

No Need to Wait

Up until now, Pinpoint Retrospectives had a waiting room and required the host to kick things off before discussion points could be added. We've removed the waiting room to allow participants to add discussion points to the Retro whenever you want! Mid-sprint and have something you want to reflect on? Add it to the Retro ahead of time!

"Is everyone done yet?"

No need to ask that anymore! See instantly who has finished adding discussion points and who has finished voting so you know when the team is ready to move onto the next stage of the Retro without having to continuously ask "is everyone done yet?"!

Sprint Rating Trends

See how the team’s current Retro Sprint Rating compares to the last to see how you’re trending since the last evaluation.

There's more!
  • You can now edit and toggle Action Items as completed in finished retrospectives as well as now supporting deletion.
  • Better Host/Facilitator handling. If the host needs to leave the retro for whatever reason they can and another team member can pick up host duty.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Resolved an auth issue that affected some new users from logging in.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from deleting your own posts if you had bookmarked them.
  • We overhauled our Sprint Risk models for better accuracy.
  • Added Sprint Churn metric in preparation for its inclusion in Sprint Health ratings.

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Pulse Favorites

It's now even easier to keep track of the epics and pull requests that are most important for you! Today, we're releasing a highly requested feature - Pinpoint Favorites. Now you can "star" epic cards on the Organization dashboard, allowing you to filter that screen to show only items that you have marked as a favorite.

To track all your favorites in one place we've added a new tab on the Pulse sidebar. This new "star" tab organizes favorites by Issues and Pull Requests, keeping what's important to you just a click away!

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