October 23rd, 2020.

Two Way Sprint Planning (Early Access)

It's finally here! Our recent Agent upgrade has opened up the possibilities when it comes to writing back to your issue and code source systems and we have taken advantage of that capability by allowing you to build your sprints from scratch within Pinpoint. Create a new Sprint, Auto-Pack in seconds using data science algorithms, and instantly know who on the team is best suited for the work. Once you're ready, write the plan back to Jira and you're done! With a refined backlog, you can now Plan a sprint in seconds rather than hours.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added support for GitLab issue integrations!
  • Retro Cards with zero votes will now show up at the end of the discussion phase. Thank you to our friends at Reveal Mobile for the request!
  • Ported Retrospectives to fully support the new agile board data models.
  • Resolved an issue with O365 Integrations where an Integration User was not automatically created causing some issues with linking accounts.
  • Fixed a UI bug where Issue Detail slideouts would sometimes be transparent.
  • Fixed broken avatar filtering in Stand-up.
  • Removed Unmapped Users from "Assigned" dropdown for Issues.
  • We are making continuous performance improvements as a focus this month so speed should be getting better around the application! Let us know if you're experiencing any specific slowness and we will make it better!

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