October 6th, 2020.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the Ability to Create Jira issues inside Pinpoint. This is currently in Early Access as we beat it up and make sure it's solid but go ahead and check it out and let us know how we can make it better for you!
  • If a team has multiple sprints, those sprints will now be sorted first chronologically by Start Date and then alphabetically if there are identical start dates. Thank you for the request, Sander!
  • Resolved an error that would appear when viewing User Dashboard with Support User
  • Tweaked individual meeting hours query so it's more accurate.
  • Resolved a problem where a sprint belonging to multiple boards would only show up on one board.
  • Fixed a problem with duplicates in the content feed on User Dashboard
  • Created an RSS Feed for the Pinpoint Changelog so it will start appearing in Content Feeds on the User Dashboard.
  • The Issue count in Stand-up was including the Backlog's issue count so we fixed that.

Write-back ability really expands the possibilities for what we could do with Pinpoint moving forward. What do you want to see? Your feedback truly helps shape our product, please join our Slack Community here and let us know what you think!