September 29th, 2020.

It's release day! Today we're launching an entirely new developer experience within Pinpoint with a slew of new features designed and built for engineers, by engineers. In addition, we're now scheduling migrations for existing accounts over to our new Agent to massively enhance the Pinpoint experience. We will be in touch but you can also schedule yours here!

User Dashboard & Recommended Content

The User Dashboard is the new home base for individual contributors within Pinpoint. It gives you an automatic, streamlined view of what you’re working on today and tomorrow (including outstanding issues and PRs), right when you log in so you know what to work on that day. It’s uniquely attuned to your individual tasks and needs.

The Dashboard will also show you personalized Recommended Content. This is an AI-driven feed that curates content from blogs, podcasts, events and other media based on what you are currently working on and your interests.

Andrew walks us through the User Dashboard in this video:

Pinpoint Profile

It was released to the public last week but today is the official launch of the Pinpoint Profile which is purpose-built for engineering and displays historical work and career activity across your projects and companies, highlighting your expertise and elevating your personal brand. Click through Keegan's profile below. He built it!

Keegan himself talks more about the Pinpoint Profile here:

The Daily

The Daily is moving from Early Access into full release! Too often in traditional stand-ups information is missed, lost in translation, or just forgotten. The Daily view improves your typical stand-up ceremony by giving more context around work in progress to help team members stay caught up and better prioritize their day while tracking daily team sentiment.

Watch Rick take you through in more detail here:

Agent Upgrades

Our widely anticipated Agent upgrades are now rolling out! While these are primarily changes on the backend, the improvement to your Pinpoint experience will be significant with the following enhancements:

  • Faster and more intuitive onboard workflows.
  • Integrations are set at the Organization level with exclusion lists rather than set per team (massively speeds setup and eliminates repo/project list maintenance).
  • True Agile board support - you will see your board’s statuses and issue ordering just like it is in your source system with the ability to assign your boards to Pinpoint teams.
  • Write-back ability to source systems. You can spend even less time in Jira now you’re able to write-back from Pinpoint with two-way communication.
  • Two-way communication is instant. No more waiting for updates to process and reflect in Pinpoint!

Get scheduled for migration today! Scott demonstrates the upgrades to Stand-up that we get with the Agent upgrades and Agile board support here:

Your feedback truly helps shape our product, please join our Slack Community here and let us know what you think!