August 12th, 2020.

Easy User Mapping

We just promoted an update to make mapping third party account activity to a user account in Pinpoint MUCH easier. Previously, you would map via a specific line of activity in the Pulse Feed but that could mean manually hunting down some third party activity to actually use!

Now we will automatically detect any third party account activity related to your organization's projects and repositories and show you the accounts attributed to the activity in your Settings > Users area. From here you can easily map those accounts to a Pinpoint user to accurately attribute activity going forward. Alternatively, you can choose to ignore if you do not wish to link the activity to a Pinpoint account.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Our friends from EcoInteractive reported that Closed (i.e declined or otherwise not merged) Pull Requests were appearing under "Merged" in Stand-up. We have now separated these Closed Pull Requests into their own accordion for all Pull Request views.

  • Resolved a simultaneously observed cosmetic issue where 0 commits didn't render correctly for Closed Pull Requests!

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