August 7th, 2020.

Improvements & Fixes

This week we continued to focus on porting existing screens over to our new data-manager, improving stability and speed for Retro and Planning while ensuring customer issues are resolved as quickly as possible. We really appreciate you reporting issues to us, keep them coming!

  • There was an issue on the Team Dashboard that meant it was extremely slow to load in certain scenarios so we worked on optimizing that to speed it up.
  • The Epic Details screen was missing issue priority and type icons after the aforementioned data-manager port so we brought those back.
  • There was an issue where users would not have the option to integrate their profile with their calendar if the team was not already set up with calendar integration. We've updated this so individuals can now link their calendar regardless of the team setup.
  • Issue votes went AWOL from Retro reports so we've brought those back.
  • Updated Sprint Risk to ensure it includes assigned issues from users who are currently unmapped.
  • Resolved an issue where the Issue Workflow sunburst would skip around the page if the Pulse feed was expanded at the same time.
  • Fixed a story points oversampling error in data science forecasts.
  • There was a problem where Integrations could not be added or removed in certain cases that has been fixed.
  • Updated Retro wording to "What could be improved?" vs "What went poorly?" so there are fewer negative connotations.

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