July 16th, 2020.

Action Item Upgrades

We're making Pinpoint Retrospectives better every day and have just released some awesome enhancements for Action Items. You can now edit your Action Items and outstanding Action Items will carry over from the previous Retro to the next so you don't have to manually keep track of them. Once an Action Item is completed it will stop carrying over from Retro to Retro. Let us know what you think!

Early Access: Planning Updates

We have made the following enhancements to Sprint Planning in Early Access ahead of its full release coming soon:

  • Auto-Pack will now prioritize issues that rolled over from a previous sprint. You can opt to remove rolled over items if desired.
  • If you have already started your Sprint Plan in Jira, Pinpoint Planning will now show any issues that have been already added to the Sprint and allow you to then plan around those preplanned issues.
  • When creating a Sprint Plan, the calendar now shows days of the week and defaults to today's date to make it easier to pick the correct date ranges for your sprint.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved the sorting of Retro Discussion cards to ensure the focus of discussion remains in sync for all participants.
  • Resolved an issue where deleted teams were appearing in Team Selector dropdown.
  • We updated our data science models to generate more accurate interest data in the Pulse Feed based on user-generated content like comments and posts. You will now see more of what is important to you.
  • Sprint Traceability is the first “code” based metric we have introduced to Sprint Health. It expands on a team's baseline and opens the door for other Code metrics like Code Churn to be added in the future!

Your feedback truly helps shape our product, please join our Slack Community here and let us know what you think!