July 2nd, 2020.

User's Linked Accounts

No more mystery around Pinpoint User's linked accounts! We now show you linked accounts in the Settings > User List so you can immediately see which users are linked to their Code & Issue source systems and which are not.

Account linking is important so that code and issue activity can be accurately attributed and analyzed.

Early Access: Pulse Collaboration & Bookmarks

We're working hard on making Pinpoint Pulse more interactive and today we're launching some exciting Early Access updates with collaboration and bookmarking features! Enable early access in your Settings page today to check them out.


Pinpoint Pulse now provides the ability to interact with posts in your feed and even create your own posts. You can add comments, mention specific users and provide a reaction to posts in your feed to let your team know how you feel!



Click the bookmark icon on anything in your Pulse feed to add it to your bookmarks tab to come back to later. Need to reply to a comment but don't have time right now? Seen Pull Request activity on an important bug fix that you'd like to follow? Maybe somebody on your team did something awesome you want to thank them for later? Bookmark it!


There are a couple of known gremlins left that we are working on evicting ahead of a full launch in the coming week, stay tuned!

Improvements & Fixes

  • The subtasks tab was missing on Issue Detail screens so we fixed that and brought it back.
  • The Sign In and Create Account buttons were not working in Safari on our marketing site homepage. We've resolved that - big thank you to Floris from Briq Bookings for reporting the problem!
  • We resolved a 404 issue that would occur when trying to view the Team Dashboard for All Teams.
  • We are busy focusing on our Sprint Planning feature (Early Access) with significant improvements to the auto-packing and auto-assignment features!

Your feedback truly helps shape our product, please join our Slack Community here and let us know what you think!