June 18th, 2020.

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Pinpoint Retrospectives

It's here! Currently, teams struggle with capturing and following up on action items that are identified during a retrospective. This makes it hard to ensure teams are improving processes or seeing the value of retros. Because Pinpoint knows what you’ve worked on and has the historical context of the team, Pinpoint will baseline your sprints and tell you how you're doing against your average performance and tell you why you did above or below-average so you can improve in the next iteration!

Pinpoint Pulse

Pinpoint Pulse is a rethink of our activity feed that uses knowledge of what you're working on along with our data science to generate personalized interest models. We'll show what’s most important for you based on the screen you are on, the team you're a part of or the repositories you work in. It's tailored information delivery so you can cut through the noise and just get your work done.

Keep an eye out for more quick iterations of Pulse over the next couple of weeks. We have a lot of interesting features coming. We’d love your feedback as you use it. Please join our Slack Community here and let us know what you think!