June 8th, 2020.

Repo Details

Up until now we have presented limited information about your Organization's repos in Pinpoint (language, number of commits etc) but we're stepping that up a notch with the new Repo Details view. Clicking into a Repo will now allow you to see all people involved in that repo, commits per person over time, all Pull Requests and all your commits. We'll be following up soon with an analogous Project Details screen!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Updated Epic Details view to clearly distinguish between "Blocked" and "Blocking" issues.
  • Added lazy loading navigation to improve load times and efficiency.
  • We fixed a problem some users were having that caused their issue forecast predictions to be much higher than they should have been.
  • Some UI tweaks were made to the Team Dashboard activity chart to make it more aesthetically pleasing as well as squishing a bug with the legend colors.
  • We identified a login issue on 06-04-2020 that caused login to be much slower than usual - this problem was resolved later that day. Thank you for your patience!

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