June 2nd, 2020.

GitHub Webhooks

We are building out our integration webhooks so that new and changed pull requests, issues, commits and other activities sync with Pinpoint instantly so you can be confident your Pinpoint data is always accurate and fresh. Our first webhooks offering is for GitHub integrations and we know you're going to love the difference!

Jira webhooks are coming soon!

Delete User

Keep your Pinpoint environment up to date by easily removing users who no longer require access. Deleted users can be re-added later if needed and will receive an email to welcome them back into the system.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Blocked and Unplanned Issues are now highlighted for easier identification at a glance
  • Drilling in to Epics and back to the Dashboard is now faster and more intuitive with the Epic details sliding in rather than navigating to a new page
  • Fixed an issue where the Activity Feed would appear during onboarding
  • We are making tweaks to our Issue Forecast model to improve accuracy
  • We noticed the meeting hours card had taken a vacation from the Team Dashboard so we pulled that back in
  • Fixed a duplicate key error that was causing a problem with Sprint Capacity
  • Resolved an issue where some smaller screens could not access parts of the navigation

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