May 20th, 2020.

Microsoft O365 Calendar Integration

"Are we in too many (or not enough... 😬 ) meetings?"

Integrate your team members' calendars with Pinpoint to see exactly how many hours are spent in meetings! We have added total meeting count to the Team Dashboard day-to-day comparison so you can quickly analyze the impact your team's schedule can have on other important activities.

Google Calendar support is coming in hot so watch out for that! Calendar Integrations will also play a big part in our Agile Planning features that are coming soon - stay tuned.

GitLab Integrations

We want everybody to benefit from Pinpoint so adding to our supported integrations is an ongoing focus. Today we are delighted to welcome GitLab code and issue integrations to the Pinpoint roster! It's time for GitLab users to build software better.

What would you like to see us support next?

Improvements & Fixes

  • We greatly improved the look of our standup view by removing the old table and replacing it with rows per issue & pull request that are much easier read (and we think it looks way better!)
  • We had an issue pulling in data for a really big repo so made an update to support larger repos smoothly
  • Fixed a regression where HTML tags were appearing in some tooltips
  • Added support for multiple Jira instances on the same profile
  • Resolved a bug that prevented Epic Forecast showing if all issues were unassigned
  • Fixed a problem where some linked issue relationships were null

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