May 13th, 2020.

Epic Forecasts

"When will this epic be done?" - one of life's great mysteries... Until now!

Building upon individual issue forecasts, our machine learning models can now predict with multiple confidence intervals the most likely date of completion for your Organization and Teams' epics. Whether you're looking to prune non-essential work to reduce delivery time for an MVP or figure out when you can get started on your next big delighter feature, Epic Forecasts provide you with the timelines that you need to make data-driven planning decisions. Keep an eye out for the Epic Timeline that's coming soon!

Draft Pull Requests

We added Draft Pull Request support to Pinpoint and will now surface a Draft indicator across the app for requests in draft status. Marking a pull request as draft highlights to other collaborators that code is a work-in-progress and requires discussion and feedback before being merged.

Better 404s

Previously, if you clicked a broken link or there was a navigation error we didn't handle it very well. We have tweaked our 404 page to make it more informative and direct you to the Pinpoint search that will get you where you need to go!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Made an update to more graciously handle displaying PRs for teams with no current members in Pinpoint
  • Fixed an issue with deleting users where you could get into a bad state by deleting all Organization owners
  • Resolved an issue where having multiple of the same integration type on a team would prevent some data from showing in that team's Stand Up
  • Made the Pinpoint logo clickable and will redirect you to your Org or Team dashboard depending on whether you're a Guest or a Team Member
  • We standardized our WebApp URLs after the nav restructure
  • We had an issue with On-Premise Integration URLs without a prepended https:// - that has been resolved

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