May 6th, 2020.

Team Dashboard

Check out the first iteration of our brand new Team Dashboard! Review your team's rolled up activity, issue & code metrics, outstanding Pull Requests and in progress Epics in one convenient screen. Cycle times, traceability and workflow usage are no longer a mystery! Pull Requests that are begging to be reviewed are no longer buried! Important Epics and their progress are now clearly visible!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Adjusted Standup view Pull Request tab so that all Pull Requests created by team members during the Sprint period will show rather than only Pull Requests related to issues in the Sprint. This will help identify work happening outside of the Sprint
  • Resolved a bug where issues that rolled over from a previous Sprint would appear as Unplanned in their new Sprint
  • There was an issue where Snyk Bot Pull Requests were appearing as if raised by real users. This has been fixed
  • Removed a gremlin from Pinpoint search that sometimes prevented results appearing as expected
  • Fixed a CSS issue where Settings weren't accessible in Safari Browser

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