April 29th, 2020.

Activity Feed: On The Move

Pinpoint's Activity Feed is evolving! To give you more choice about how you interact with the Activity Feed in context with the rest of the application, we have moved it to the right side of the page in preparation for some big updates. This improves visual hierarchy while allowing quick expand/collapse to get more room when you need it. You can now also resize the expanded feed with your cursor!

Note: Stay tuned for updates in the coming days that will make Activity Feed content more personalized to you as well as some other awesome improvements.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Some of you reported that not all of your expected epics were appearing on the new Organizational Epic view - the query was fixed and they will now show
  • Based on your feedback, we updated the behavior of epic tiles so they no longer appear complete just because all of the current issues in the epic are complete (more issues can always be added!)
  • Fixed a couple of instances where column sorting was resetting by itself
  • Resolved a bug where a new team's settings model was not always created
  • Stopped the Activity Feed reloading on collapse/expand