April 24th, 2020.

Organization Views


Pinpoint is delighted to unveil the first iteration of our Organization screens and the Organizational Epic view. From here, you will know how your important epics are progressing across teams, when they should be done based on current issues and which epics are potentially at risk or blocked to know where problems exist. All to help you, help your teams.


From our new Organization Teams view, track the progress of your organization's sprints across all of your teams. Know who is ahead of schedule and who may need some help getting caught up. Know what your teams are focusing on with quick access to sprint goals and the breakdown of issue types within a sprint. Are we focusing too much on bugs and not getting important features built or are we neglecting quality and moving too fast with new functionality?

Note: This is a business plan feature and requires more than one team in your organization to take full advantage. Kanban support for the Org Teams view is coming soon!

Improved Navigation

We have moved the application navigation into a sidebar to improve visual hierarchy, making it easier for users to quickly determine the context of the data they’re looking at. We love the new look and hope you do too!

Pinpoint Navigation

Improvements & Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with a Data Science query related to Sprint Capacity
  • Added validation for missing Jira username that was causing an issue with some Jira integrations
  • Stopped Tooltips showing HTML code
  • Children issues of Epics show as "Issues" instead of "Sub-Tasks"
  • Fixed a problem with nested a-tags when smart-linking users
  • Resolved a problem where the initial assignee of an issue was not showing as a contributing user
  • Fixed a Sprint Risk indicator that was not rendering correctly
  • A problem with ZEIT comments showing as originating from another user instead of ZEIT has been resolved
  • Tweak to only refresh integrations when required
  • Fixed an issue with click events for avatars with no image