April 15th, 2020.

Sprint Risk

Pinpoint's forecasting and machine learning models can help keep your sprints on track by identifying capacity issues, cross project dependencies and where unplanned work is getting in the way.

Sprint Risk Overview


Run ⌘+k or ctrl+k from anywhere in the app to bring up the best search you've ever used. Find issues from Jira, pull requests from Github, or whatever else you want from all of our available data sources. It's intelligent, too, so you can find what you're looking for even quicker.

Pinpoint Search

Stand-Up for Kanban

If you're part of a Kanban team, Pinpoint's stand-up view now allows you to facilitate and partake in highly efficient and effective stand-ups to keep your team in sync and focused on the issue and code activity that matters.


Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the team dashboard was unavailable to guest accounts
  • We're more gracefully handling errors, especially around missing data
  • More improvements for those who use kanban instead of scrum
  • Better language around predicated risk
  • Improved UX for adding team Integrations
  • Issue and Pull Request tabs in Stand-Up show as “Open (Total)” rather than just “Total”
  • Expelled some gremlins with Bitbucket integration
  • Resolved issue where Teams tab wouldn’t render for Organization
  • Fixed bug where activity feed wouldn’t load correctly
  • Resolved problem with sub-tasks not displaying in some cases