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Super charge your product releases for your users.

Pinpoint empowers your team to more effectively communicate important product information to your users and facilitate a fast feedback loop.

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Planning helps you keep stakeholders in the loop so you don't miss a feature
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Pinpoint has greatly improved the way we communicate with our customers about new features. With Pinpoint, we are able to create on brand, SEO optimized product communication with ease and get them out to our customer based within an hour of any release across many different channels. This is life changing and we love how quickly the team is adding new features.

A better way to communicate your product changes

Never let a product change go unnoticed. Your team works hard on improving your product - make sure those changes get heard.

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Pinpoint is a powerful platform for managing the lifecycle of your product releases and 360 feedback.

Manage your Product Audience

Pinpoint helps you manage your product audience with powerful, built-in subscriber management. Pinpoint can optionally sync with your third-party CRM or Email Marketing platform.

Get Detailed Analytics

Pinpoint provides detailed analytics to help you understand what content is resonating with your audience and provides powerful ways to allow your users to provide feedback.

SEO and Social Integration

Pinpoint content is optimized for Search Engines and has social integrations built right in so you can easily expand the content to maximize reach.

Match your Brand, Perfectly

You've worked hard to create a beaufiful product which matches your brand. Pinpoint provides an ability to fully customize your published content and emails to match your brand, perfectly.

Always in the loop

Keep your team, your releases and all your content in sync and everyone in the loop.

Powerful Collaborative Tools

With Pinpoint, all your team members can collaborate with the content in the same way and in real time. The days of trying to coordinate releases across a variety of tools are over.

Review & Approval Workflows

It's important to keep track of what's been reviewed and approved by different stakeholders before you release. Pinpoint makes it easy to manage this directly for everyone to see.

Planning and Tracking

Your Engineering team has worked hard to deliver the features and fixes that are important. Pinpoint makes it easy to keep track of Issues and Pull Requests directly from the source systems (such as Jira or GitHub) and help you plan and prioritize what's on deck.
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