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Why Pinpoint

Boost engineering performance.

Pinpoint delivers a new kind of performance intelligence—one that synthesizes the work activity in your delivery tools, and applies data science to unlock faster, smarter engineering.

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Are we getting better? Can we move faster?

Unlock the answers to your biggest questions.

Pinpoint’s AI learns in real-time how teams work, discovering what’s going well, what isn’t, and how engineering can drive better outcomes.

How well do we deliver work?

See your end-to-end pipeline performance—at a glance.

Who are our best people?

Illuminate employee performance and rank by salary band.

What work is at risk, and why?

Real-time forecasts for top work items, derived from historical actuals.

Which locations should we invest in?

Find geographies with the best ROI for money spent.

Are we getting better over time?

Track performance trends by month, quarter, and year.

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Pinpoint works the way you do.

No change in work process, no manual inputs. Your teams simply work the way they work, in their systems of choice. We turn that system activity into actionable insights.

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Pinpoint works the way you do.

Pinpoint provides us insights into our software development process. It enables us to drive better outcomes across product and engineering.

Marty Brodbeck

Marty Brodbeck