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Engineering Operations

Optimize the engineering process from idea to release.

Pinpoint helps teams turn ideas into great software by visualizing work all in one place. With contextual dashboards and machine learning, we identify work that needs attention so you can resolve bottlenecks and plan more efficiently.

What we do

Improve the Process of Building Software.

Insights you can use.

Improve the process of building software through better collaboration, a clear understanding of what work is getting done and where your bottlenecks are.

Give context to your work.

Stop toggling between endless different tools and participating in meetings to understand what's going on. See all your work in one place with actionable insights to work more efficiently.

Increase team productivity.

Pinpoint’s machine learning identifies bottlenecks and risks to optimize standups and sprint retrospectives, and improve project planning and estimation.

Organization Dashboard

View status, identify risk and forecast completion of your organization's strategic initiatives by epic and team.

Team Dashboard

Aggregated team activity from your source systems to quickly see what work has been completed, what work needs attention and drill down into the details of an issue or pull request.

Automated Agile Ceremonies

Interact with your team online to complete planning, stand-ups and retrospectives with the help of Pinpoint’s AI.

Activity Feed

Your personalized activity feed to view and collaborate on the activity related to your work.

Issue Workflow

An interactive view of how work gets done. Identify common workpaths, outliers and rework so you can improve or reinforce processes.

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Our developers prefer Pinpoint’s retrospective capability to any other tool we’ve tried. It gives us the smoothest integrated retrospective experience so the team can execute on sprints seamlessly.

Lisa House

Lisa House

Dir. of Engineering Performance, Skywatch