Meet Pinpoint

A simple way to see it all.

Pinpoint aggregates and visualizes engineering activity from the systems used to build software into views that shows teams what work is going on and what requires their attention.

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What we do

Improve the Process of Building Software.

  • Insights you can use.

    Improve the process of building software through better collaboration, a clear understanding of what work is getting done and the ability to quickly identify bottlenecks.

  • Give context to your work.

    Goodbye toggling between endless different tools to understand what's going on, hello to visualizing your software pipeline in one place.

  • Increase team productivity.

    Leverage artificial intelligence in Pinpoint to identify bottlenecks, optimize standups and sprint retrospectives, and improve project planning and estimation.

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Pinpoint works the way you do.
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Pinpoint works the way you do.

Your teams simply work the way they work, in their systems and methodologies of choice. No changes necessary to see the impact of Pinpoint.